Spreading the cheer!

There is much exchange of gifts at Christmas. Shiny wrapped parcels can be seen winking under every tree, tucked under every arm but there are also gifts that don’t have to be bought at the mall or ordered online. One of these free, wonderful and plentiful things is ‘cheer’.  Dwaar found out that there’s no time like Christmas to spread this fuzzy warm cheer. So off we went, to homes, gardens, hospitals, clubs and malls, spreading a generous dose of cheer. It was our way of expressing love to many and bringing the true message of Christmas to people.

You never know where you can spread a dose of cheer and  we looked forward to the familiar spots like a party for the children at Dwaar, a party for the teens, a grand Sunday celebration, youth get togethers plus a celebration with professionals at the Vasant Vihar Club. Each of these ocassions was filled with fun and cheer.

Then we found three whole new ways  to spread cheer, in places we had never pictured ourselves.

The season of good cheer began with an afternoon of carol singing and tea with the ladies from the Delhi Commonwealth Women’s Association. Our hearts gladdened as they joined us in singing the old familiar carols under the shade of the gracious old trees that Delhi is so well know for.


Next was a visit to Shanti Avedhna. This is a centre where  terminally ill cancer patients are cared for. Many of these people play out the last days of their life  lonely and struggling with their illness. A team of ten from Dwaar Global got together to visit these patients. The team spoke to them, loved them, sang Christmas songs and gave gifts to them. The sixteen patients were blessed. Many were moved to tears. Surely, the Lord was pleased with this gesture.


All he wanted was for the team to pose with him and his colourful blanket gift

And finally-the Dwaar group of singers were out on three evenings singing and interacting with the many kids and shoppers at the DLF Promenade Mall in Vasant Kunj, spreading cheer and explaining the true meaning of Christmas. It was such a joy to hear the mall echo with “O come let us adore him” giving honour where it is due during Christmas.


The group singing Christmas carols at DLF Promenade Mall

There is much pain in this world. Let us take every opportunity to spread the cheer!

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I will boast in the Lord

IMG-20140103-WA0000 Commuting from our home in Ghaziabad has always been tiring and time consuming. Apart from that, my mother always wanted to serve in in Khushboo (an NGO for the empowerement of women). I too wanted to be closer to our church in Lado Sarai, in South Delhi. With all these factors in mind we were praying for a suitable and affordable home in South Delhi.

One Sunday afternoon, a friend told me about a beautiful flat available near Kailash Colony metro station. He said it was reasonable and we should have a look. We found it to be a lovely place, perfect for all our plans. However to move here we needed to get a tenant for our house in Ghaziabad to help us pay the rent of the new house. I took a step of faith and moved in the new place, trusting that God would find us the tenant at the right time.

However getting a tenant was a challenge and as the days passed I began to get anxious.

I was reminded of a verse in the Bible which says – I will boast in the Lord. I dwelt on it. That evening an Uncle from Nainital sent me a message quoting this verse, and the following Sunday, Samir read out the same words at the Dwaar meeting.

I felt God talking directly to me and I was sure that in the course of time I would boast in what God will do.

My peace returned to me.

On the 27th of December we shifted into our new house with no tenants at our Ghaziabad home yet.

I was praying and praying hard.

Walking out of my building I heard an inner voice prompting me to turn around and ask the person who had just crossed my path, if he was a broker. Very tentatively I asked him and to my amazement he turned out to be just such a person. On the very same day he had one portion of my house rented out and by the next evening he got another family who wanted it. Everything was falling into place. Well almost…..

The broker’s partner wanted to cheat the broker of his brokerage and urged me to double cross the broker  by dealing with the partner directly. I refused even at the cost of  losing a much needed tenant.

I came home and prayed. Half an hour later he called saying he had changed his mind. He would not cheat and that we could go ahead with the deal. What a relief!

On the last day of the year, we signed the rent agreement and left the problem of the rent behind. I thank God for His faithfulness; he truly “honours the righteous”.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.
-Proverbs 3:5-6

Today I am boasting in the Lord!

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Tell us your story!

Dear friend

Many have experienced the goodness of God in their lives. It is good to recount our blessings and give thanks to God.

You too have a story.

Please send in your story to info@dwaar.org so that others may read and be encouraged.

Thank you

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A ring of keys


KeysA year ago we received a prophetic word which helped change the course of how Dwaar was moving forward.

‘I saw a picture of a large ring of keys like the one a jailor would have. There are many different sorts of keys on this ring – some very old decorative keys, some modern shiny ones and some smaller ordinary ones.  God gives you these keys; they are the keys to this city, to every area. The old ornamental keys represent the ancient parts like Nizammudin and old Delhi and the modern keys – the corporate world, the government and business word. But there are keys to the ordinary areas and the poor as well. Every part is represented.

God says

‘They are my keys and I am entrusting them to you. I entrust these people of this city to you to love them, to serve them and to win their hearts to my son . You will not use all the keys at once. Sometimes I will tell you to take just one key and concentrate on one area for a season, another time a different area. These keys represent my authority and my resources – keys to unlock men and women’s hearts , to take ground from the enemy, to move forward into new territory. Each time I will give you the wisdom, insight, resources and steps to take to open the doors into these areas. You cannot take the old keys and use them in the business world and vice versa.  For each area you will have a different strategy that I will give you. The strategy for reaching the rich in the city will not be the same as for the poor.

So today I entrust these keys to you. Use them wisely.

This among things helped us to launch the three different expressions of meetings. We have stepped out believing that Dwaar Fusion, Global and Satsang are three different keys we are to use in order to bless the city effectively.


photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/fstoaldo/7110308603/”>fstoaldo</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a> <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/”>cc</a>

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