Friends in Delhi

CBN Foundation


CBN Foundation is a non-profit organization headquartered in Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR).

CBN Foundation reaches out to all people across the country sharing the good news of hope and love. Implicit in the fulfillment of the mission is the continuous endeavor to give generous assistance to the relief of human need and suffering without any discrimination of faith, opportunity or status.

CBN Foundation is committed to serve the underprivileged bringing value to the lives of people as individuals, families and communities.

Members of Dwaar are involved in serving at CBN, Samir Deokuliar of Dwaar hosts the CBN Television program “ Ek Nayee Zingdagi” on SONY Entertainment Television.

Impact Delhi


Impact Delhi believes that for whatever reason we find ourselves in this delightful city we should not miss the privilege and opportunity to love the people around us because of the pace of our life or pessimism from our past. 

Some in Delhi are from more picturesque towns, but love begins when we stop looking for a landscape and see the people around us. 
For others it begins when we reply to the question “Where are you from?” by saying “Delhi!” 

IMPACT DELHI is not a philosophy but a lifestyle, minus the merchandise. It seeks to turn the hearts of people to love this city. Dwaar engages with Impact Delhi to achieve that lifestyle.