Friends in India

Life Line India


Lifeline India is a Non profit organisation that wants to make a difference to society by impacting lives and families.

Lifeline India conduct workshops like Marriage Masala and Good Parenting which have a huge impact on couples and parents that gather from institutes and corporates

Seminars on themes such as Change Management, Leadership Development and Trust are conducted that can really help in the wellbeing of society and our nation.

Lifeline India has conducted training in many schools, corporates and Churches. David Fernandes from Mumbai is the lead trainer who relates closely with Dwaar.





Commission in India is part of newfrontiers global movement of churches. It is a family who have collectively set out to extend the kingdom of God by making disciples, building and starting churches, providing theological and practical leadership training, hosting events and working with the poor.

It hosts training programs for corporates, NGOs and organisations in its well equipped centre, in Bangalore.

Commission is a family that seeks to encourage one another with the understanding that we can achieve more together than apart.

With work in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, UP and Meghalaya, it is built on a strong emphasis on relationships.  Commission has teams of people who have stuck together for over thirty years serving for the benefit of the people of this land.