Friends in the world

Redeemer City to City


The world is moving into Cities.

Alongwith the growth and modernisation comes evil practises and much pain. Cities need to be served with love, care and justice.

Redeemer City to City focuses on the renewal of global cities and Content Resources for leaders who want to bring the power of the gospel to every part of life.

Professionals, artists, writers, doctors and professors, all have been influenced to bring transformation in over 45 Global cities that Redeemer City to City have been invloved in.

Tim Keller's quote - Do not go into a city to build a great Church, but go to build a great city , has stimulated Dwaar to engage with Delhi in tangible ways.




Commission is part of the Newfrontiersglobal movement of churches which has grown over the last 30 years to over 1500 churches across the world under the leadership of Terry Virgo. 

Commission seeks to equip people in their lives, to do this they actively work to develop relationships between churches and support each other through a variety of events throughout the year

Westpoint is an annual festival held in the UK where thousands gather together to worship, receive teaching and have fun camping.

Commision works relationally in UK, Spain, Portugal and India