Dwaar Global Actvities

Global connect group

A group of professionals meet regularly to pray, study from the scriptures and discuss issues that face families, the maketplace and the society at large. 

The group is fun loving with social evenings, movie nights as well as intense with discussions on prepared papers on topics ranging from secularism and sociolgy to leadership and family life.

Celebrating Culture

Delhi is a very cosmopolitan city. We at Dwaar believe that diversity needs to be celebrated. So whether it's a presentation of a country's history, musical expressions, dance or creative writing, we are richer as we engage with people from these communities and nationalities.

We had the joy of enjoying some Polish song, dance and food at a recently concluded Polish evening 

Serving cultural food is a big attraction at these events. Dwaar Global seeks to hosts such evenings on a regular basis, so stay connected to join in the next one.