Dynamos is a special kids work that happens during the Dwaar Fusion meetings.

While the adults are listening to the inspirational talk the kids gather together for a time of learning through games and fun. The volunteers are well equipped to teach values to the children through creative means, craft, music, dance and other fun activities.

Kids from the age of three to eleven get together for some joint musical sessions and  teaching with props. They also meet  in small groups to put their little hands to colouring, cutting and pasting.

The Dynamos love their time together. The parents too are pleased, as they can attend the meeting without any distraction as their kids learn, enjoy and grow in a secure envoironment.

The Dynamos work needs volunteers. If you would like to get involved please do write to us at 

Kids Club

Over 100 kids from the community are registered for Kids Club. Most of them have never experienced love as demonstrated by the volunteers.

Kids club has been running for over three years now, the purpose of the club has always been to communicate with the kids that they are valued and loved.

Children line up well before time each week as they look forward to another moment full of games, creative activities, movies, music, dance and a lot of fun. The time ends with some wholesome snack and drink. It is a great joy to see the beaming smiles on their faces.

If you wish to volunteer and play a part in this ongoing project please write to us at