The teens are a powerpacked group,full of energy and always wanting to learn more. They gather each week for fun activities coupled with a lot of mentoring on themes such as Flee evil, True inner beauty and Your purpose in life.

Dwaar conducts various activities for teens such as baking lessons for the girls, Palate classes for the boys and various outdoor sporting trips.

Games in the park and swimming at the club are a big hit among them.

It is our desire to see the teens well nurtured and to see them grow to be fine responsible citizens of this nation.





As the real pressure of the world mounts on their shoulders in terms of higher education, career and the bombardment of “Sex in the City”, many young men and women fall to temptations and go astray.  

Dwaar provides a healthy context for the twenties to have fun in a clean and safe environment, to grow in character and skills and to participate in service that can make a tangible difference.  

Activities such as hangouts and musical student nights to name a few are a massive hit among the young and a glaring example to the world that a good clean party can be as much fun!

Dwaar also sends their youth to outstation youth camps such as U-day for their spiritual growth and adventurous fun.