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Have you often felt helpless in a situation? Your own or someone else’s? Now you need not be a bystander in a hopeless situation. You can draw from God’s strength and make a huge difference. Man in his own strength is often unable to bring change or even relief in a difficult situation. He needs help; help from the almighty God who holds each one of us in the palm of his hand and help from fellow brothers and sisters too.

At Dwaar we seek to offer both.

All of us at Dwaar has seen God change our lives through the power of prayer, God has healed us, provided for our needs, helped us make difficult decisions and protected us and our families. You may be in need of healing or you may be seeking answers to problems. Write to us and we will pray for you and ask God to intervene in your situation.

Dwaar seeks to offer help through marriage counseling, tips on finance management, raising children with Godly values and even deliverance from addiction.

Ask for Help