For the Love of DELHI

Enter Dwaar

Dwaar is a gateway to the heart of Delhi. But unlike the other ancient gates that surround Delhi, Dwaar is not made of bricks and mortar. The hands and hearts of a community of God loving people strengthen it.

 Dwaar is a community of God loving people who want to be a blessing to the city of Delhi and NCR. The community of Dwaar carries out the calling of their heart through spiritual meetings, spreading values in institutes, engaging with intellectuals and empowering the poor.

Dwaar seeks to build spiritual communities in different contexts so that each person can engage with God in a way that they are comfortable. Together people can support one another towards living a more Godly life. The three expressions of Dwaar are called

Dwaar Fusion, Dwaar Global and Dwaar Satsang.

We invite you to explore the multiple avenues to grow in your own spiritual walk and to join in serving the city. 

THE VENUE- making events personal

The Turquoise Room

The Venue, run by Dwaar Foundation is equipped for conferences, seminars, exhibitions, art shows and musical evenings. Dwaar exists for the love of Delhi and makes its facility available for activities that enhance peace and beauty in our society

The Turquoise room with a capacity of over 100 people is ideal  for training courses, social gatherings and cultural events

It is equipped with facilities such as DLP projector , Audio system, White board/ marker, Flip Chart Board/ Charts, Internet access/ WIFI, Audio and Video recording, Photography of events and Live music 

The Citrine Room

The Citrine Room is a neat, creative and  pleasant room with an ambience that encourages you to chill and work. With a seating capacity for over 20 people it is ideal for small seminars, creative workshops  and board meetings  

Food and beverages are customised to your need. Tailor made packages and cuisines to suit your budget are made available.

Both the rooms are made available from Monday to Saturday. 

If you are a non profit, an organisation, a company or an artist or musician, connect with us as we would love to see you benefit from this facility.

 For enquiries please contact  us at