For the Love of DELHI

Enter Dwaar

Dwaar is a gateway to the heart of Delhi. But unlike the other ancient gates that surround Delhi, Dwaar is not made of bricks and mortar. The hands and hearts of a community of God loving people strengthen it.

 Dwaar is a community of God loving people who want to be a blessing to the city of Delhi and NCR. The community of Dwaar carries out the calling of their heart through spiritual meetings, spreading values in institutes, engaging with intellectuals and empowering the poor.

Dwaar seeks to build spiritual communities in different contexts so that each person can engage with God in a way that they are comfortable. Together people can support one another towards living a more Godly life. The three expressions of Dwaar are called

Dwaar Fusion, Dwaar Global and Dwaar Satsang.

We invite you to explore the multiple avenues to grow in your own spiritual walk and to join in serving the city. 


Dwaar has taken a new venue in the heart of Delhi. The Dwaar Fusion Sunday Celebrations will now take place at this new venue. Dwaar Foundation, A2/5, Safdurjung Enclave, Africa Avenue Road, New Delhi 110029

The first meeting is scheduled for Sunday 13th April at 10.45 am


Bhajan at Dwaar Satsang

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