For the Love of DELHI


Much has been said about being centre stage. About leadership. About winners. Yet the more you learn about the Kingdom of God the more surprised you will be. Here the meek, occupy centre stage.

The slow of speech score over the eloquent.  Fishermen are preferred over noblemen and carpenters are entrusted with raising the Son of God. It’s pretty much the same at Dwaar. No matter who you are and what your gifts are, there is a critical position for you to play.

God may have positioned you to be a gifted saxophone player, an excellent kid’s club teacher, a cheerful server of snacks, a powerful speaker for God, a compassionate visitor for the sick, a nourishing cook for the new mother, an efficient office help, a diligent cleaner of the meeting hall or a clear headed number cruncher for the finances. Play your position.

 God is preparing each one for his work. He is making us patient and tilling our soul for the work he wants us all to do. While it may seem mundane, unimportant and oh so ordinary in the lattice work of world affairs, know that it is important in God's eye.

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