Dwaar Satsang Meetings

Every Sunday
6.00 pm - 7.30 pm
Dwaar , 3rd Floor, above Reliance Fresh, Lado Sarai And Samadhan, Sector 2, pocket 2, Dwarka

Dwaar satsang is a traditional Indian setting where people can engage with God through bhajans and discources shared through stories.

Simple bhajans with profound truth are sung with Indian classical instruments such as the Sitar, Tabla, flute and majeera. The meeting flows from bhajans to a story and then again to bhajans. It is an engaging time where people, including children are glued to the procedings. 

The satsang is conducted in Hindi

The speakers are well trained and share much from their personal life experiences. Importance is given not only on hearing the message but also on how to effectively apply it.

Simple people share their experiences of what God did after they were prayed for, which is then followed by more prayer for all those in need.

People stay on after the satsang to mix around, build friendships and interact over tea.


Dwaar Satsang meeting locations

Lado Sarai